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  1. We make learning to play FUN but at the same time use a systematic approach. 
Most Music Teachers and Music Schools struggle to strike the balance between TOO MOUCH FUN and TOO MUCH THEORY.  
How do I know this?
Because we see the kids come in from a term or two with “Mr. Music Theory” who teaches them how to sight read Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Mary had a little lamb. These poor kids wouldn’t have a clue how to play something they remotely enjoy, which is the whole reason they are interested in playing music in the first place. Not a great way to inspire a life long love of music!
On the other hand we see kids coming in who have been having lessons with the guy down the road who teaches them to play “whatever they want”. This sounds like fun but these teachers rarely put the time and effort into structuring their lessons in a way that helps students understand the basics of music theory. In other words building your musical house on a bed of sand.  Eventually many of these students will give up the instrument and their hopes of succeeding when they realize how much they still have to learn. Even after years of playing.
ROCKGOD aims for the middle ground. We want our students to have FUN and learn songs they enjoy but we also want them to take away theory and technique, which will make them better musicians and lifelong lovers of music.
  1. Our students perform REAL Concerts in REAL Venues EVERY term.  
Our BAND PROGRAM has transformed young musicians into ROCKSTARS. If you want to help your child become more CONFIDENT, nothing beats regular live performances in front of real crowds. Our ROCKGOD MUSIC FESTIVAL  has been held at Lizottes Kincumber, Central Coast Leagues Club, The Grange Hotel and the Gosford races in recent times.
Some of our bands have achieved great things recently including winning band competitions, performing at YIPA, performing at the Goats Music Festival and recording and releasing E.P.s (Check out Enemies with Benefits on Facebook)
  1. We have a Curriculum! 
Don’t make the mistake of thinking that ROCK SCHOOL = NO THEORY! Nothing could be further from the truth! We just want to make theory applicable and have some FUN with it. We use Classic Rock, Current Pop and Metal songs that students love, to demonstrate theory concepts and technique.
  1. We teach what we are good at : GUITAR, BASS, DRUMS , VOCALS & PIANO.  
Most music school’s try and teach every instrument in the Orchestra! We know what our strengths are. Teaching fewer instruments allows us to be more focused on getting better RESULTS.
We specialize in teaching ROCK, POP & METAL and the sub genres including Blues, Reggae, Punk, Folk and anything else that’s come along since Elvis gave us Rock and Roll in 1956.
  1. A proven track record since 2007. 
Music Schools come and go but ROCKGOD gets better every year. Check out our testimonials page to see what our students and their parents really think of us.
  1. Great Teachers 
Our teachers are either qualified or working towards completing their musical studies. Many of them perform regularly and are working musicians. Our teachers are hired for their ability to break musical concepts down and make things simple for their students. Great musicians don’t always make great teachers!
We look for 2 things when we hire teachers.
  1. EMPATHY – The ability to put yourself in the student’s shoes.
  2.  SOLID BASIC MUSIC THEORY -. The understanding of and the ability to explain the theory behind what is being played. 
As well as specialising in contemporary genres our teachers are qualified and adept at helping school student’s with their music exams pieces.
  1. A Music School with a REAL principal, not a music shop renting rooms to teachers.
As ROCKGOD MUSIC SCHOOL’s creator and principal I, Jonny Gardiner, take full responsibility for what happens here with the teachers and students.  My roles and responsibilities are not dissimilar to a REAL SCHOOL PRINCIPAL. Here are some of those.
  • I hire the teachers and monitor the progress of their students.
  • I sit in on lessons and ensure that teachers are on the right path to reaching the students goals.
  • I hold staff meetings and boost moral amongst the staff and teachers.
  • I created, maintain and update our Curriculum and teaching materials.
  • I ensure the safety of all students and personally address any concerns that parents have.
  1. Great Rates & Reasonable terms. 
Our lessons don’t cost much more than the guy teaching from his garage down the road. But at ROCKGOD you get so much more. TO FIND OUT OUR CURRENT LESSON RATE please call us on 43296637.  Don’t forget we offer a FORTNIGHTLY DIRECT DEBIT SYSTEM at a great rate to make payment easier. We also offer Credit Card facilities, paypal & direct deposit options.
Don’t forget we offer a FAMILY AND MULTI LESSON DISCOUNT. Receive a 10% discount for each additional child or for each additional lesson your child has. In other words only pay full price for 1 lot of lessons.  
  1. End of Term Assessments.
It’s important for you and us to know if we are on track with your child’s musical goals. Each term we conduct assessments and share those results with you.  This is also the time we speak to students to see if they are interested in joining one of our band classes. 
  1. An awesome Adult band program called OLD SCHOOL 
Why should the kids have all the fun? Our OLD SCHOOL program puts like-minded adults into bands together. Students get to pick their favourite songs and work them up for a big performance at our end of term gig.
  1. Certificates and Award wristbands to celebrate achievement.  
Our Curriculum is a lot like the Karate Belt System. We have FOUR levels within the school and students are given a coloured wristband to celebrate their achievements
We also give out STUDENT OF THE MONTH awards and an annual ROCKGOD OF THE YEAR award.
  1.  Easy Parking in Wyoming Kids Hub, next door to Scallywags, Wyoming Pool, Ten Pin Bowling, Laser Tag, 4 in one fitness.
Brooks Avenue Wyoming has become THE place for kids. Many of our parents kill 2 (or more) birds with the one stone dropping kids off to multiple activities in this area. Scallywags, Ten Pin Bowling, Wyoming Swimming Pool, Black Belt Martial Arts School and Lasertag are some of what you can get up to in Brooks Avenue. Come down and have a look.
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